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A media mogul and successful product developer told me once that "your brand is should live and die by it..."

Every business has a brand, that common notion that exists in the minds of your customers or those close to your product or service. Your brand is your identifier, a unique combination of traits and characteristics that hopefully sets you apart from your competition. Cultivate and grow your brand and you will find success. Ignore your brand and how it affects potential customers and you may be doomed.

Maintaining a positive brand experience is much different today than even twenty years ago. The communication choices are endless in our online world through web, e-blasts, podcasts, mobile marketing, social marketing, and a host of new technologies waiting to pop. Traditional marketing is still enormous with digital, cable, broadcast media, print, newspaper, radio, direct mail, outdoor, and tried and true person-to-person sales solicitations.

As a business owner or the executive in charge of marketing, how do you decide how your brand will be represented? How do you know that you are reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time? How can you be sure that the brand message that you have created, or are in charge of, is converting prospective clients to customers? What happens if the brand begins to do you get it back?

At CMPS Marketing we develop brands in the mind of the consumer, turning prospects into clients, and turning clients into loyal customers. Our methodology is straightforward and our delivery focuses your message on target markets that make sense seen through media that is appropriate for the target audience.
Our core strategies surround answers to the following questions:
Standardized Message: Does the current company message represent your brand and how is the message perceived by prospective and existing customers?
Look and Feel
Standardized Collateral: How does the existing collateral portray the image of the company and does this collateral fairly represent the company's message, expertise or experience? Does your current marketing campaign speak to the right audience? Also, do your presentation materials place your company on equal footing with your competition?
Market Awareness: How many client touches are necessary to gain new clients and maintain existing customers? How does your company maintain top-of-mind awareness?
Sales Process
The process of generating new prospects to maximize the sales effort, reach, and limit the decision making time. How will you reach new prospects and maintain connections? What sales strategy and standards will be utilized? What metrics will be reviewed in order to hold your team accountable?
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